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Pacojet System

Pacotizing enables chefs to ‘micro-puree’ deep-frozen foods into an ultra-light mousse, gelato, ice cream, sorbet, cream, or sauce without thawing – capturing the natural flavors and nutrients in individual, ready-to-serve portions.


For over 20 years, Pacojet has functioned as a dynamic, professional, kitchen appliance that makes it easy to prepare high-quality dishes while saving time and labor and reducing food waste. Tens of thousands of chefs worldwide rely on Pacojet to produce exquisite mousses, sauces, gelato, sorbet, and ice cream at the press of a button. No matter what the season, your culinary creations will be complimented for their intense, natural flavours.

  • Versatile: suitable for processing all types of foods with delicious results
  • Economical: no waste and exact portion control
  • Fast on-demand processing – 1 portion takes only 20 seconds
  • Portion Control: consistent and minimal food preparation required
  • No spoilage
  • Compact: fits in any kitchen
  • Comprehensive: includes all the accessories you need
  • Precisely Designed: powered by Swiss technology and ISO certified manufacturing

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How it Works

Select fresh, top-quality meat, fish, fruit or vegetables and place into the Pacojet beaker.


Next add your preferred ingredients and top off the airtight container with a liquid of your choice. Deep freeze to -22˚C/-8˚F for at least 24hrs.


When you are ready to use, simply attach the beaker to the Pacojet, select the number of portions you need and press “Start”.


The high-precision Pacojet blade spins at 2,000 rpm, shaving a micro-thin layer off the top of the frozen food, resulting in an ultra-smooth texture. Unused beaker contents remain frozen solid to be used later at your convenience.


The optional Coupe Set also chops, dices or purees fresh (non-frozen) produce, meats and fish without generating heat, for optimum hygiene, flavor and color. 


 The Pacojet works through deep-frozen foods without thawing, locking in optimal freshness and nutrients. Let your imagination be your guide... Pacojet’s versatility will inspire you to create a signature dish for every course:

- Apéritif: Chic and unique frozen cocktails 

- Starter: Delectable soups, pâtés, terrines, quenelles 

- In-between: Sorbets to cleanse the palate  

- Main: vegetable, herb and spice
- Concentrates of sauces, oils, pastes

- Dessert: Light and airy mousses, exquisite ice-creams 

Click here for a compilation of innovative recipes.


Quick and Convenient

Time is on your side… Prepare your Pacojet beakers when it’s most opportune—at quiet times when your kitchen’s not busy. Processing is fast and easy. Pacotize before your guests arrive so your cuisine is ready-to-serve or prepare à la minute.

The Pacojet prepares individual portions in 20 seconds – unused ingredients can simply be placed back into the freezer


Compact, Portable and Simple to Clean

A modern-day ‘moveable feast’… Pacojet is a compact appliance that requires very little counter space and can be plugged into an ordinary socket. Its portability also makes it ideal for catering. Cleaning takes just 60 seconds at the touch of a button.

Specs & Models

 We offer 3 packages that include all accessories needed to get started. The Pacojet is a counter top machine. It fits in every kitchen and doesn't require special installation. It plugs into a standard socket.

For Pacojet no quantity is too large or too small. It makes one portion (approx 3.5 fl oz) in 20 seconds or the entire beaker

(1 litre / 1.2 quarts) in less than 4 minutes.


In 1 hour the Pacojet can make:

15 Litres of ice creams or sorbets in 15 different flavours
15 kg of fine farce for pates, terrines, fluffy mousses
15 kg herb or spice concentrate for sauces, oils etc. or
150 portions of soups in 15 varieties


Dimensions W 8 inch / D 15 inch / H 20 inch

Voltage 110-120 - 60 cycle

Rated Power 1000 watt 

Blade Speed 2000 rpm
Air Pressure 1.2 bar 17 lb. in.
Net Weight 14 kg / 30 lb
Beaker Capacity 1 litre / 1.2 quarts
Max. fill Volume 0.8 litre / 28 fl. oz.
Diameter 13cm / 5 inch
Height 13.5cm / 5.2 inch
Ideal Pacotizing temperature -22˚C / -8˚F


Combine With

Coupe Set
2-Blade Cutter for chopping meat/fish, vegetables, herbs fruit, nuts, etc. It minces meat or fish for the perfect tartar, fresh farce or coarse stuffing, chops vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts, etc.
The blade stays cool, so hygiene is never compromised


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